Bickham House Make the Commitment

Bickham House have signed up to the Social Care Commitment. An organisation dedicated to improving the quality of care and support in adult social care in England.

The commitment aims to raise the standard in the social care provided and in turn increase public confidence in the care sector.

By making the commitment, staff at Bickham House agree to the Social Care’s 7 Statements and we are happy to participate in the tasks designed to put those statements into practice. Tasks cover a variety of activities all centred around maintaining highest levels of care, management and integrity.

We feel the advice, direction and support we will gain from singing up to the Social Care Commitment will be invaluable for our staff but also for our residents and their families. We are committed to strengthening our service and standards. By remaining current we can confidently ensure the very best practical and emotional care.

Key reason to make the commitment

  • To reach the standards of care require
  • To support staff training
  • To raise public confidence in the care sector and to be recognised as a quality provider
  • To help find and keep worker
  • To meet wider workforce requirements

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