Bickham’s Blankets for Babies

Staff and residents at Bickham House have, for the 2nd year running, been busy knitting squares for the creation of baby blankets. Lovingly crafted, colourful squares are knitted throughout the year then put together to create complete blankets.

This year we are sending 2 full boxes of blankets to the baby care units at Wythenshawe and Stepping Hill Hospitals. The blankets are given to babies as a gift when they leave the unit.

It’s a rewarding activity for the residents and gratefully received by staff in the baby care units. Last year we had one or two photos sent to us of babies wrapped up warm in our knitting efforts.

We expect this will become an annual tradition at Bickham House. We look forward to seeing how creative our blankets become.

A huge thank you to the staff and residents who gave their time for this lovely cause:
Cathy Myers (Matron), Marion Evers (Senior Care Assistant), Barbara Neild (resident), Dorothy McGee (resident) and Betty Popkin (resident)