Fun at Bickham House

The New Year brings resolutions and a renewed sense of well being but it also brings those frosty long, dark days. So we decided to keep the cold out and let plenty of fun and good cheer in by arranging some entertainment for the residents.

We pride ourselves on the well being of our residents and to see them smile and laugh and experience things makes our jobs so much more worth while.

Our first spot of entertainment was brought to us in the form of an animal safari. Following the success of the first visit we felt it would be well received to invite them back and we weren’t disappointed. Amongst the animal guests were a skunk, a quirky bearded dragon, a tortoise and a rather large python!
The skunk, who was a baby when we last met him, was quite the character. His cheeky ways lighting up residents faces. However, he soon got tired and found a comfy spot in a residents lap and fell asleep, as did the resident!

Resident with Bearded Dragon Cropped

The python was met with mixed feelings, although it’s fair to say, the staff were more wary than the residents! The bearded dragon certainly received the most attention. Her placid demeanour was reassuring and many of the residents enjoyed some time with her.

It was a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing the animals again soon.


Later In February saw the return of Bruce McLaine. Bruce, his guitar and his eukelele, join us every couple of months and fill the place with much loved songs. His country and war time classics are always popular. In fact, it’s hard to hear Bruce over the residents as they sing along with him. Tom Jones’s Delilah is a big favourite. Everyone dances, claps and sings the afternoon away. If we had a best dancer award it was sure to go to one of our most elderly residents, at the tender age of 95, yes 95, she out-danced everyone in the room! Thanks Bruce for another fabulous sing (and dance) along.

Much of our entertainment is made possible by the efforts of our very own Activities Co-ordinator, Sue Frost. Sue previously worked as a care assistant at Bickham House. Following a change of direction, she decided to focus her time on sourcing and arranging interactive, engaging, entertaining ways to lift spirits and bring fun to the lives of the people she cares so dearly about.

Sue now joins the residents here twice a week to play games, such a giant ludo, make biscuits and do various other crafts and activities. Sue and the staff at Bickham House are working more closely with residents and their families to find out what activities they might like to see included. Where possible these suggestions will be introduced. If you have any suggestions please email us via the contact us page. We’d welcome your feedback.