Meeting Religious Needs

As part of our continued commitment to our residents’ individual care needs, we have increased the number of visits by senior members from various religious backgrounds.

We have a weekly visit from John Anderson, from St Vincent De Paul Royal Catholic Church in Altrincham. He takes time to listen, pray and share readings with the residents who wish to be involved. We also have visits from St Mary’s Church in Bowdon who carry out a monthly service and

A couple of our more able residents still enjoy a weekly Sunday visit to their chosen church. This gives them a chance to enjoy this time with their families.

We are also pleased to welcome the Good News Bible Group. This informal group of volunteers join us every other month to sing songs and give readings and prayers with residents who wish to be involved.

Time and space are given to those with more private needs. One of our visiting Ministers comes from a residents’ own church some miles away to conduct private communion and readings.

We feel we have strengthened the provision for religious needs at Bickham House and would like to thank all of the people who give up their time to help enrich the lives of our residents through their faith and beliefs.