Remembrance Sunday

This weekend Bickham House marked Armistice Day by holding a Remembrance afternoon. Sue Frost, our activities coordinator spent time with our residents chatting, crafting and sharing in a number of wartime and Remembrance activities.

Wartime music was played whilst Sue discussed with residents their memories of relatives or friends involved or affected by the war. This prompted several residents to share their wartime memory stories – some of which were very moving. Sue showed the residents books and photos of Germany and discussed how the country has changed today. One resident said, “It reminds me of lovely holidays I had in Germany with my mother.”

Commemorative hats were worn, cakes were baked and various other activities were enjoyed including wartime picture colouring.

It was lovely to watch the residents remembering some very poignant moments from their younger years. Time may have passed but time has not forgotten all those who gave their lives and all those affected by World War events. Our residents know all too well what it’s like to live during much tougher days but today their spirits were high and their smiles broad.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon.