A Resident’s Story

I have asked Matron to write this on my behalf. I am quite capable of saying what I feel; hence I’m dictating this.

I just wanted to say thank you to Matron and all the staff on an excellent day. The pampering session in the morning was lovely and it was nice to see every one mucking in; there seemed to be lots of you in that day. Wendy doing the head massage, Matron and Sarah on the Jacuzzi for the feet (that was so invigorating, the sensation was lovely), Annette the chiropodist, other staff doing hand massage, nail care, nail varnish, makeovers, facials with cucumbers on the eyes! Everyone was treated the same and fairly. Lots of laughing went on, the atmosphere was great.

The afternoon show was excellent. I thought each of you were, in your own way, very brave, resourceful and fantastic in the way you entertained us all! The atmosphere was electric and everybody (unusual for some) was awake, alert and singing along, smiling and laughing. To finish off we thought it was Christmas again because of the nice surprise in the sherry and chocolates that were given out to the tune of “The Candy Man”. It was nice to see the girls relaxed and happy to entertain us after all the stresses, strains and pressure we see them encounter during their normal working day.

The information board that Matron put together was very interesting to read and the comic posters about Dignity and Respect made us laugh but were also very true in what they said. On the day it was nice to see everyone wearing the little ribbon pin with Dignity on it, even the residents.

It was a shame no relatives turned up as they don’t know what they were missing. The posters about the day had been up for a while.

Betty Rolfe